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Review Summary for boasts a userbase of over a million people using their platform to mine Bitcoins. Their machines are set up and running in a facility that your investments go towards powering, this will result in a small gain of profits that will feed back through their client platform.

verified paying Affiliate Program makes it possible for all potential investors to purchase hashpower, even without buying large amounts of hardware or dealing with complicated software set-up themselves. Hash rate is a measure of how powerful a bitcoin miner is, and hashpower provides the ability to mine bitcoin much better and more strongly. builds the most efficient and reliable mining rigs possible, and allows people to rent them. They also have experts who can help with all technical issues, such as cooling and maintaining data centers.

The affiliate system for is unusual in that it provides every new registered user with a promo code. When the new user’s friends use that code to make purchases, they receive an automatic 3% discount on everything, and the original user gets a hashpower upgrade. The upgrade depends on the current affiliate rank; someone at the starting tier will receive 2.5%, which they can use to earn more.

Members will advance to the next rank after generating $100 in successful referrals, and will receive 3% of the quantity of hashpower at rank 2. The harder you work, the more levels you can reach.

Is a Scam?

If bitcoin cloud mining participants could only use one website, they would probably use Many reviews are flooding the internet telling people about the successes of the Genesis Mining Company. It is not surprising that Genesis Mining is so strong now, considering that it started in 2013, well before many other data mining services.

The Genesis Mining Company has always looked to programmers and engineers with high levels of knowledge and experience to do the work, and has also partnered with skilled hardware developers. This high level of work has helped Genesis Mining to stay in business even in tough times.

Among the company leaders are Marco StrengJakov Dolic, and Stefan Schindler. The leaders are identified with both pictures and contact information in order to show the strength of the company’s affairs. are all among the people at the helm of the company’s affairs. They come from many walks of life, including mathematics, entrepreneurs, etc.

Genesis Mining Limited has two main offices, in Hong Kong and Iceland, with publicly listed addresses. Both have powerful hardware that proves the reviews about the company to be correct. Some of these reviews come from sites which are considered very authoritative on financial matters, like The Huffington Post, The Economist, Business Insider Coin, Coindesk, International Business Times, CNBC, and Bloomberg Business.

Anyone can participate in Genesis Mining by registering at New users can choose any preferred e-currency to purchase hash power, and will then be qualified to earn daily profits and write their own reviews the way others have after experiencing success. Overview has more links than many other investment sites because it is a large organization offering more than one service. The site also offers translations in up to 21 different languages, with the default language being English. Some of the languages offered include Deutsch, SvenskaNorskPolski and several others.

Anyone who wants to start using Genesis Mining can start by making any size initial deposit, no matter how small or large. 

Every review on the website was inspired by the personal experience of a real user. It is difficult to find any kind of a negative review about Genesis Mining. To find the reviews and read them yourself, simply go to and click on the “Reviews” link along the right margin. Benefits

Genesis Mining offers several benefits compared to similar companies.

Many mining farms

Because it is a large, healthy company, offers several mining farms. This helps investors because it guarantees the most amount of uptime, even when some centers are not fully functional. While some may be forced to close down entirely when one mining farm is no longer operational, your profits will only be reduced until things get back to normal. Most data mining centers canno offer this option.

Mine Bitcoins and several Altcoins

Genesis Mining also allows you to mine altcoins, including LitecoinDogecoin and others. You can even mine the different cryptocurrencies at once. Not only that, but you can, for instance, also start mining Ethereum and Monero as soon as you create your account. Some other cryptocurrenes mined in the past include Dash, Litecoin, and Zcash, as well as some of the other cryptocurrencies offered by, but some of these packages appear to be out of stock. Nevertheless, the company will probably offer these altcoins again in the future.

Affordable Plans

Genesis Mining plans cost different amounts depending on which cryptocurrencies are being used. To mine Bitcoin, you would need at least $30 as an initial investment, which would give you 200 GH/s and provide an open-ended bitcoin mining project for you. Open-ended plans do not have a specific time limit. While hopes to make it last forever, mining difficulty, maintenance fees, and exchange rates between BTC and USD can affect the life of the contract.  These are also the three factors that affect the daily profits distributed to you. Maintenance fees are deducted before figuring the daily profit, but are only only 0.00028 USD per GH/S every mining day.

Besides the $30 Gold Plan, there are also Platinum Plans and Diamond Plans. The Platinum Plan costs $350 and the Diamond Plan costs $1950, with 2,500 GH/s and 15,000 GH/s respectively. Maintenance fees apply for all plans, and all contracts are open-ended since there is no way to know beforehand the duration of open-ended bitcoin mining projects.

The situation is different for Ethereum, however, in that all Ethereum projects are fixed for 2 years with no maintenance fees. Ethereum mining also has three plans, with the Small Plan (for $29.99), the Medium Plan (for $869), and the Large Plan (for $2799). Investors can purchase these for 1 MH/s, 30 MH/s and 100 MH/s respectively.

Monero (XMR) also has a fixed duration of 24 months, with no maintenance fees. Profits can be converted to DASH or Zcash for easy exchange. Monero Plans vary with the mining powers assigned, so you can get  60 H/s, 1000 H/s or 3000 H/s  for $49.99, $819 or $2399, respectively.

Custom Plans

You can customize any product you buy from If you have your own ideas about what kind of plan you would like, simply approach the support team and let them know your ideas. Each cryptocurrency has its own custom plan, and you can also always choose custom plans which have higher starting values than the standard starting prices.

Credit Card Payments

You can make purchases from Genesis Mining with VISA or Master Card, and pay no fee for any order more than 50 USD. The problem with doing this is that if you proceed this way, it can take up to 32 days to receive your first profit. This information is included in the Terms of Contract because it is part of the efforts of Genesis Mining to curb credit card fraud.

Cryptocurrency Payments

You can use cryptocurrency just like regular money. For instance, you can pay in one cryptocurrency and auto trade it for a different cryptocurrency. Not all companies allow this the way Genesis Mining does.

Fast Customer Service creates support tickets online when people have questions. Even if you are not a customer yet, feel free to use the online support form to address any questions not answered in the FAQ section.  The form is easily found on the “customer service” page.