Online Courses for Cryptocurrency Education

Interested in learning more about specific topics in the cryptocurrency space? Let the Crypto Critics take you through topics such as market fundamentals, technical analysis, cryptocurrency mining and more.

Market Understanding

Learn the basics of market understanding with courses covering the fundamentals, leverage trading, risk management and more. The Market Understanding series has valuable courses for beginners all the way up to more experienced traders who are looking to hone their understanding of certain areas in the market.


Market Fundamentals

Learn the basics of market cycles, price action and how the market can be used to help make you money!

Risk Management Strategy 101

Learn to create a comprehensive risk management strategy in order to maximize profits and minimize losses!

Leverage Trading 101

Learn the basics of leveraged trading and margin positions that are specific to futures contracts!

Low-Cap Coin & ICO Investing

Learn to distinguish between scams and worthwhile projects, and how to pick winning investments!

Position Hedging 101

Learn how to create hedged positions and protect yourself against market volatility!

Scalping 101

Learn the basic rules and goals of a scalping strategy!

Trend Trading 101

Learn to trade with the trend, and maximize your profits!

Understanding Derivatives

Learn about the various types of contracts available to you as an investor in the cryptocurrency market!

Value Investing

Learn how to create a long-term investment plan in order to compound returns over time!

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