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Review Summary for is offering everyone an easy way to own bitcoins by participating in its cloud mining operations. The company promises good returns which are likely to survive the test of times as a result of its very large bitcoin mining pool which is currently the fifth largest in the world.

verified paying Affiliate Program

The purpose of is to make it possible for anyone in the public to own bitcoins without doing the hard work themselves. does the cloud mining operations that make access to the bitcoins possible. The company promises investors reliable profits, because as of right now is the fifth largest bitcoin mining pool in the world. Because is currently so strong, it is likely to survive the test of time even with other competitors in the market. With the current state of the market, bitcoins are proving to be a good investment which many people would like to be able to invest in. started using the bitcoin mining pool in 2016. It used Antminer S9, which is the most powerful mining rig that can be used practically.  Since its establishment, has employed 16,400 workers. That workforce has managed to mine more than 22,256 BTC.

Is a Scam?

Investors can rest assured that when they invest with ViaBTC they are protected by the terms of their contracts. The company is solid, and the fifth largest bitcoin data mining operation. Also, customer service at ViaBTC will happily answer any questions at any time. Potential investors need to be aware that bitcoin pricing fluctuates frequently, and mining difficulty is adjusted every other week. If there is a drop in price or rise in difficulty, the price of the shares will go down.

Here are the Basic Contract Details:

1. Purchase unit:  Cost is1 TH/s per share, with the Batch 1 S9 hashrates being divided into 2,400 SHARES.

2. Power consumption & electricity cost:  ViaBTC expects to use100 Watt per share, or 0.84 CNY per day per share (0.35 CNY/KWH);

3. Managing fees: 6% of the mining income will be charged to manage the accounts and cover all normal maintenance, including costs for the mining farm, deployment, repairs, staff salaries, any emergencies tha arise, risk prevention, and any other necessary expenses.

4. Mining income: The ViaBTC pool adopts a PPS+ method, or Probabilistic Principal Services, which is a very powerful tool which overcomes many of the weaknesses of other tools. Therefore, the mining income will be the theoretical PPS+ yields.  The yields are not affected by the operational conditions of miners.

5. Settlement: Yields will be calculated by subtracting the managing fees and electricity costs from the actual mining income. The daily electricity costs is calculated using the CNY/Bitcoin rate from the mainstream exchanges in China, and will be settled at 8:00 AM Beijing Time (GMT+8) the next day;

6. Redemption of miners: All miners will do their work in facilities with high standards, in order to guarantee maximum efficiency for their work. Unfortunately, change of mining pool and redemption of miners are not available in the ViaBTC contract.

7. Termination of contract: If there are zero actual yields for 10 days in a row, the contract will be terminated automatically. ViaBTC will redeem all of the remaining contracts when this happens. All associated miners are owned by ViaBTC. Overview

The website for is easy for anyone to utilize. Users. can do all the necessary operations on any size screen, including cell phones and laptop computers. A drop-down menu at the top of the page is a guide to the FAQ, the sign up page, and the log in for anyone who has already registered.

Depositers can easily see how much they are able to earn by comparing current prices with previous ones on a pool hash rate chart. Customer service is quick to respond to any questions or need for clarification, and the phone number and email address are prominently displayed. Benefits

ViaBTC offers many extra benefits above and beyond what some other bitcoin operations offer.

Regular Uptime

Since ViaBTC was established, it has managed to maintain an uptime of greater than 99.9%. Because of this, payments are prompt, and the site itself is more safe, which means that hackers would have a very difficult time penetrating its defenses.


ViaBTC offers the hashrate of pools which can be checked at any time, by any person. This ensures transparency, and allows users to constantly monitor and calculate their earnings.

Low Fees

Fees are only collected as a means to help the program last, and to pay the hard-working data miners. Fees are kept at a minimum to make sure profits are larger.  The already low fees are applied to blocks on the PPS (Pay Per Share) and PPLNS (Pay Per Last “n” Share), and are only 6% of the earnings.

Daily Payment

Profits are distributed daily at 0 AM Beijing Time, which is also GMT +8.  Costs for expenses are taken out first, such as for electricity and maintenance. All users can log in every day and immediately see their daily yields. Sometimes, daily profits can be around 0.00098611 BTC per share.

Low Price VS High Mining Power

Investors can buy units as small as 1 TH/s per share which cost 0.21 BTC per share. This is done quickly and easily by sending bitcoins to the wallet, set up in the company contract. ViaBTC verifies the payments and starts counting profit before 24 hours passes from the point of purchase.

Upcoming Exchange Platform

By the time the platform is developed, ViaBTC users will also be allowed to participate in bitcoin trading, which will help them gain even more profits, especially if they are skilled at trading.