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As one of the most profitable pools for miners, Pool offers a 120% block reward and charge 0% fees on PPS and PPLNS. can get started mining today, even with options to automatically mine the currently most popular coin.

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If you have heard of, you may think it sounds really good, but you have some questions. Is a scam, or is it a legitimate way to make good on investments? Does work, or is it just another way to get people to sign up for something to take their money? The company has clearly stated that as long as the company remains profitable, they will continue to provide returns on all investments.

Even though the mining pool is able to earn substantial profits, the company understands that if they allow outside people to make investments they will be able to achieve their own goals more quickly. The developers at are experts in fields like engineering, economics, and programming, and they are working hard on their business. The Mining Pool mines the digital currencies, which are Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. This business is making waves in the business world for its strength and profitability. Overview is just a project site, and was made to be a simpler version of, which it originally came from. The website facilitates the cloud mining process of the Mining Pool. In other words, you won’t have to use your own hardware in order to take advantage of You can simply share processing power from other, remote date centers which have the appropriate hardware.

There are many links on the page explaining all your options, and you can see everything on the website by simply scrolling down. The website is easy to use and understand, and if you have any questions, we will be happy to help you. Benefits

Before you decide whether or not is for you, you will need to see what all the benefits are.

1. High Profits

There would obviously be no point in joining if you couldn’t earn a respectable profit. There are 4 different investment plans, which are as follows:

A 12-month plan, where you buy at least 2 TH/s and are able to earn a net profit of $2.66 every single day

A lifetime plan, where you would have to buy at least 2 TH/s and you would again be able to earn a net profit of $2.66 every day

Lifetime Plan Pre-Order 1, where you would have to buy at least 1 TH/s at $199 per TH/s

Lifetime Plan Pre-Order 2, where you would have to buy at least 2 TH/s at $159 per TH/s

Right now, the 12-month plan is sold out, but if you really believe that is the plan for you there is a waiting list available. The pre-order sales on Lifetime Plan Pre-Order 1 and 2 will be starting in September and October. The profits on these pre-order plans are not known exactly at this time; however, the profit will probably be 10% per day like the other plans. (Don’t forget to deduct the daily fees when estimating your potential profits. The daily fee for Pre-Order Plan 1 is $0.28 per TH/s, and the daily fee for Pre-Order Plan 2 is $1.40 per TH/s.)

While there are reviews that dispute the profitability of the mining pool because of the daily fees, we disagree with them because the daily fees are clearly very small.

2. Lifetime Plans

All of the plans except for the 12-month plan are meant to last a lifetime. That means that you will consider to receive the benefits of the plans as long as you have your investment.

3. 0% Fees

You will not be charged anything when you make a withdrawal. All you need to do to figure out how much you have is to add the 10% per day profit, and subtract the daily fees.

4. Responsive

If you have a problem at any time of the day or night you can email and we will email you quickly. We are eager to help you with any problems or worries you might need to discuss with us.

Is Legit

To be part of a Affiliate Program, you need simply to make an investment in one of our plans. You can gain all these benefits with no real work on your part, as you leave the work to us.