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If you’re looking for poker, dice games, blackjack, slots, roulette, or several other games, is a solid choice. With a range of coins to choose from including Bitcoin and Ethereum, this site will suit your play style.

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Many people are aware of the explosion of interest in cryptocurrencies that occurred because of the popularity of Bitcoins that has now been followed by many other cryptocoin offerings. Not as many are aware of the emerging set of Internet-based games that accept those cryptocurrencies for gaming and gambling play. is an online casino that accepts many of the popular cryptocurrencies. Overview offers dice games, slot machines, blackjack, roulette, video poker, Plinko, and lotto. accepts the following cryptocurrencies for casino gameplay:

  • BitCoin
  • DASH
  • DogeCoin
  • Ethereum
  • GridCoin
  • LiteCoin
  • PlayMoney
  • PeerCoin
  • Stratis
  • Monero offers a limited amount of free play with its “faucet” reward system. The faucet system allows players to request a certain amount of free play every 24 hours. This allows new players an opportunity to learn about the games without risking any actual cryptocurrencies.

Is a scam?

No. is an online casino that uses fair algorithms for its games. Odds are calculated and displayed on the website depending on the bets placed in certain games. Odds for winning each game vary; however, the house edge for each type of game is published on the website. Random numbers for the lottery game are picked by a third-party, unrelated company.

Players are allowed the chance to invest in the house bankrolls for each game in order to participate in a portion of the house profits. This means that each player can choose to be on the house side of the winnings if so desired. This unique investment feature is rarely available in other casinos.

The main goal of is to offer the opportunity to gamble online using virtual currencies in a safe and responsible way.

Does work? was developed by talented software engineers to create a safe, secure website for players to enjoy using cryptocurrency for online gambling. Online status is constantly monitored by has an average uptime of over 99%. Benefits has many benefits that players appreciate, which include:

  • Big Lotto Payouts: Lottery prizes from exceed by 1% the amount paid in by players. Lottery numbers are drawn by a third-party company called Randompicker.
  • Published House Edge: The house edge is -1% for the Lotto game (more is paid out in prize money than is taken in from bettors), 0.8% for the dice game, 1.253% for blackjack, 1.52% to 1.91% for Plinko, 1.97% for slots, 2.09% to 2.11% for video poker, and 2.7% for roulette.
  • House Bankroll Investments: Players have the ability to invest in the bankrolls for each cryptocurrency. By investing, players increase the bankroll and the maximum profit per bet. Investors receive a proportional share, according to the amount they invest, from 70% of the house profits earned.
  • Rewards Program: Players can earn reward points for placing bets, investing, making referrals, chatting, and for frequent play. Rewards points grant free play in paid games. The highest betting players receive VIP status and special rewards.
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange: By using the exchange, players can easily convert from one cryptocurrency to a different one, among the types that are accepted by the system. Affiliate Program

Players are encouraged to invite friends to play. When friends signup for an account and play casino games, 25% of the house edge is contributed to the player’s account that referred them.

Is legit?

The company started during May 2014 by launching its first game on a website called that was an online slot for those wanting to bet using DogeCoin. In August of that same year, the company expanded to offer online casino games using other cryptocurrencies. The dice game was added at that time. Blackjack was offered in September 2015 and the lotto game came online in October 2015. During 2016, roulette was added in July and video poker in December. The most recent game added was Plinko in May 2017. received positive reviews on these news services and review websites:

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  • Bitcoin Gambling Guide received the Bitcoin Gambling Guide Seal of Approval.

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Conclusion is an exciting way to enjoy online casino games that accept cryptocurrencies for gambling. Make your deposit in one of the accepted cryptocurrencies and start playing today.