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With hundreds of table games filled with animations and sounds, is a popular platform for playing and finding new Bitcoin games. Currently only accepts Bitcoin.

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Bitcasino was a first in licensed online gaming fun

People search the internet to find fun and exciting ways to spend their leisure time.  With the advent of all of the available technologies available, online gaming has become the preferred choice of leisure time fun.  Gamers have found that online casinos offer the best in the gambling arena without leaving home. has all of the features of a land casino, and is twice as much fun.  The benefits are numerous, and well anticipated by the many people who engage in their online play.  Here is a quick Overview.  The online casino is the first to be licensed as an online gaming site. by the government of the country of Curacao.  It has been in operation since 2013. uses Bitcoin for play.  You can deposit real money, and play using real money.  Bitcoin is an internationally accepted method of payment for online money exchanges.  It is the same as PayPal, and can be used in the same way.  You can spend from this account as well as play in the online casino.  The money is real when you put it in, and it is real when you take it out.  Many people are skeptical of online casinos, and ask Is a Scam.  Well is a legitimate operation that definitely works.  Some of the features of are the rules and tips for playing, and winning the online games. has received a silver membership from Bitcoin.  Turn your leisure time into a way of earning more money by visiting the, choose a favorite game, and enjoy all of the fun that can be had on online gaming.

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This is a question that many people ask because they do no know if they can trust an online casino.  The answer is yes, it works.  If you have never played in an online casino before, the registration for takes only fifteen seconds, and you are ready to play.  They have the games categorized to make it easy for you to find one that you may like.  The games are placed under one of five different sections.  You can choose from video games, blackjack,  jackpot games, roulette, and, table games.  They also have a link to an online chat line where you can talk to a real person if you have questions.    If you need more help, an email address is even provided for you to communicate with them.

There are benefits to using like having an honest and true account with Bitcoin.  This account can be used for making purchases online as well as the casino.  Another benefit is having more then two hundred games available for patrons to play.  The excitement never ends when you are online with  If you are an avid gaming player, you will recognized that offers some of the most desired slot games, all online.  Go for the jackpots  and have your real money winnings deposited into you Bitcoin account. offers bonuses too.  You will get double your first deposit amount if you are a first time player.  Other bonuses are available for players on different games.

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If you become a part of the Affiliate program you will receive a five percent bonus.  Now you want to know, Is Legit?  It is a very legitimate online gaming business.  You win real money, and can chat live with real people at the company.  The money is 100% legit money, and is exchanged through Bitcoin currency, a legit account holder.  With every page of the, you will find information on minimum and maximum bets, rules for the games, if there is a bonus eligibility, and quick deposit.  This is so the player will not have to navigate from the playing page.  All of the games on can be played initially for free so as to get the player accustomed to playing the game. is a safe and secure way to gamble online.  You will never need to worry about your money being available, or even if you will get it.  You can rest assured that is the one online casino that will never lose their ratings, or customer satisfaction by being negligent with funds.  Your privacy is secure with them.  Bitcoin currency is highly supported for funding, and game play.  There is no fees for deposits or withdrawals  with Bitcoin currency.