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With new and interesting forms of online gambling every week, stands out from the rest. With their integrated custom roulette, players can bet real time and watch the dial spin on their screen.

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Bitcoins are becoming all the rage in currency lately. More and more companies are getting in on the action. But be careful, scanners are also getting in on the bitcoin craze and ripping off their victims. How do you know which ones are legitimate and which ones are not? The bitcoin program on trial today is Affiliate Program. Is a Scam? Is it legitimate? What is it? How does it work? Should you invest in it? We will pick apart the Affiliate Program and give you everything that you need to know. Overview, in the shortest terms possible, is a place where your bitcoins can be doubled. Anyone from all over the world can register, participate, and win real bitcoins they can spend in the real world. Think of it like giant Vegas casino on the internet.  You put in your bitcoins like you would with chips in a casino game such as Black Jack and you play the game to double your bitcoins. However, that is where the similarities end. Its methods are quite different from many other gambling sites. Users can drive into the fresh world of BitDouble and experience an exciting way of winning more money. This is not a dice company. This site offers a completely new way of earning. Unlike a brick and mortar casino, you will not walk away losing money. Does it sound too good to be true? Do you think this is a scam? Let us break it down how it works.

How does the Affiliate Program work?

Let us suppose you are not computer savvy. You do not have worry. Believe it or not, the website is simple to use. BitDouble will not use any technical babble and betting terms are used in the most simple of ways. All you need is a really good internet connection. You can practically use the web site anytime and anywhere you want. As long as you have a cell phone, computer, tablet, or any device that allows internet access, you can get out and start making money. Registration is fast, easy and can be done on your phone or tablet. It’s just like registering onto social media like Facebook or Twitter. It does not matter if you have the spare time or not either. In the time it takes you to get your coffee and order your lunch online, you can sign up on before you get the goods you ordered. While you go about your day, you can be making more money. If you have any more questions, there are a FAQ page and a support link that can guide you through what you need to do.

Now, how does really work? Think of a roulette table. Just like using chips in a casino, players put up their bitcoins for some colored rectangular shapes with their unique numbering. There are a total of three colors: black, red, and green. The green color has the highest rewards because it consists of the single number of zero. The red figure uses the  numbers between one and seven and the black colored shape takes the numbers eight to fourteen.

Bettors can play with any number and color they wish. When a color is chosen, the specific number is does not matter since there are other numbers that have same color. For example, a player who has chose a two will have their bitcoins doubled just like another person who chose a five since they both belong to the red group. Since the red and black boxes are equal, the probability of winning a game is about fifty percent because of the possibility of scoring a zero.

To play certain numbers, a player can bet on any number they want. This gives an even chance of winning each bet since there is an equal amount of odd and even numbers from one to fourteen. Betting on zero will play in your favor on your bitcoin gambles because the chance of scoring it is just one out of fifteen. If you do not want to lose big on your first time, you can bet a small amount and hope that the odds are your favor to win fourteen times your deposit amount.

What are the Benefits?

What do you get out of using the Affiliate Program? Why should you play these games for bitcoins? First off, using is like a breath of fresh air. Not many gambling sites will use the roulette system. People who gamble online will feel at home when using this program. Another reason to use is that higher chances of winning that come with it. With the numbers at zero to fourteen, the chances of failing are really small. While roulette systems use numbers one to fifty, or even one to a hundred, but BitDouble does not want to give the players unneeded stress and headaches when they play. With both parties wanting to earn and have a good time, everyone wins.

The third benefit is that BitDouble is provably fair. All rolls are generated with a provably fair system, allowing you to verify your roll and not cheat. This system insures that no third parties will bend the games to their will. For extra measure, Random Number Generator, RNG, of BitDouble is in place with the results of Bitcoin block hashes. Another benefit that plays in the BitDouble’s favor is the minimum deposit involved. If you are a first time player and nervous about losing money on your play, the site allows deposits as little as 0.001 bitcoin while bets can be as low as 0.000001 bitcoin. This reduces your chances of losing entirely in case your bets turn sour.

The fifth benefit that comes into play is the auto-bet feature. What is it? The auto-bet system is optional but recommendable if you want to win. A player can program the next bet with a small amount and ask the system to stop any further bets once they score a win. That way they do not end up making more bets and going further down the hole. The sixth benefit is that you can find more work as an affiliate. Apart from betting, you can also make more money when your referrals bet. The commission you earn depends on what your affiliate level is. As an affiliate, your earnings will increase whether your referrals win or lose in their games. When they play and win, you win.

The final benefit for You can get an easy start on the site. Your bitcoins will be doubled in less than five minutes from now. After a short registration, you may deposit from your Bitcoin and start betting immediately. This is something you can do in your spare time. In other words, you can start and go about the rest of your day.

Is a Scam?

The way is set up is like a gambling site. It is to believe that this could be seen as a scam. The best thing you can do is to do your homework before hand. This could feed into a gambling or computer addiction if the user is not careful. But, do not worry. says that it is unarguably an authentic site when it comes to gambling and rewarding winners. With the promise of doubling your Bitcoins, it may be tempting to stake almost all you have got. It is your best interest that you play with only an amount you can risk. If this is your first time, go for a small amount to bet. This is even why they allow bets that are as little as 0.000001 bitcoin. Even so, do your homework before hand.