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Being an 18 and up service, has a long selection of Casino-style games to wager and win. accepts Bitcoin and is working to start dealing in other coins soon.

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Few online casinos compare with that of This platform is one of few that offer you the pleasure of gaming online without the hassle of credit cards and linking checking accounts. Overview is one of less than a handful of online casinos to step into the future and offer players the chance to wager using BItcoins only. Using electronic funds may seem like something out of fantasy land at first glance. After all, some consumers are unaware of what a Bitcoin is and how it can be used in place of cash to purchase items. The majority of buyers, however, are fully aware of the power that is cryptocurrency, which is why they jump at the chance of using the payment method when gaming online. has the ultimate mission of providing a platform that is nothing short of excellent and entertaining. It is this gambling site’s goal to give users the opportunity to have fun and potentially earn additional funds. is fully aware of the possibility of a player becoming addicted to the mystery that is betting online, which is why they have a support system designed to help customers through the challenging spots of gambling.

Those who feel the need to disable their accounts for short periods may do so to avoid the likelihood of addiction. It is also heavily advised by staff members that gamers only wager expendable income. The funds set aside for rent and other bills are not what you would want to use to bet on your success in a poker game online. Benefits

In addition to offering support to customers, also offers the perk of being a member of the global gaming society industry. Such inclusion ensures customers that the platform is secure by TST standards, which are rigid and government-approved.

There are also a number of bonuses that a player can receive when they play online at One of the most coveted rewards presently up for grabs is the Apple iPhone 6 Plus. There are also various other promotions that expose users to the possibility of winning products in addition to garnering bonuses from the games. makes it a practice of giving every player the opportunity to earn 1 BTC per coin deposited. You essentially stand the chance of immediately gaining 100 percent return on your investment, which can lead to more gaming fun.

Is Legit?

Some view the benefits of playing on’s platform and deem the whole system a sham. “It’s too good to be true,” they may say. “You can’t earn money just be depositing funds? How does work to earn funds that way?” It has to be a scam.

No, is not a fraud. The platform takes pride in ensuring the security of all of its players and provides clear-cut instructions for all games so that no one feels cheated. Is a scam? Absolutely not.

The Affiliate Program

How many online gaming platforms pay you to deposit money as well as for when you bring new players to the site? has an affiliate program that puts the others to shame.

The system is set up so that existing customers enter a tiered system. The first level is, of course, the lowest and rewards individuals a 25 percent commission when they bring on less than 30 players. The percentages continue to rise as more customers claim that you are the reason for their patronization until finally, you have reached tier six where commissions are as high as 59 percent. No, how’s that for making money?

Unlike some online platforms that try to keep their affiliate programs as a best-kept secret, invites as many who will to partner with them for better gaming. The gambling site is proud to be among the few with a Bitcoin-based platform and gladly rewards individuals for their diligence in building clientele. You only need to play one game on this platform – with cash converted to Bitcoins, of course – to appreciate what this gaming site is doing in this digital age.