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Licensed and regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority, gives the traders the advantage they need by providing quick and secure trades from the website, mobile or desktop apps.

verified paying Overview makes online foreign currency exchange easier for millions to access all over the world. Currency trading has blown open in recent years, with opportunities to trade in a real-time environment. And it can be done with relatively little money up front.

This is a far cry from decades ago when currency trading brokers would often require as much as a $100,000 deposit in order to trade. Today, just about anyone can trade and this has opened up the world’s largest market to millions of individual traders and smaller financial institutions. The currency market is the most liquid market in the world, which makes it one of the most stable and one of the most favorable for technical trading. is accredited by the MFSA in Malta. Traders can use either the MT4 or JForex platforms. Android and iOS apps are available as well as a program for desktops. Beginning traders should first use the MT4 Fixed platform. It’s simplicity and ease of use make it perfect for new traders. The JForex platform is meant for institutional investors and seasoned pros. Benefits

Currency trading can be a bit mysterious. While it works similar to stock trading or commodities trading, it’s sometimes hard to conceptualize exactly what currency trading is. After all, on the other side of stocks, there is a company. On the other side of commodities, there are pigs’ feet, gold, corn, etc. On the other side of currency is another currency. The Forex market is full of naysayers, with bad brokers and their shady practices being emphasized in some media circles.

This makes many people ask questions about websites like, such as, “Is a Scam?” Or questions such as, “Is legit?” is a fully regulated trading service. Currency trading requires the highest commitment to the standards established by regulatory boards. This oversight includes the MFSA, FCA, BaFin, ACP, and CNMV. The MFSA license number is IS/56519. has partnered with companies like Prime XM, Barclays, UBS, Dukascopy, CurreNex, CitiFX Pro, and Credit Suisse. From these partnerships comes access to the high liquidity necessary for trading currency. Every client benefits from the use of this liquidity. The amazing thing about the Forex market is that everybody gets to use the vast liquidity to trade. That’s how the threshold has been able to be lowered to where for just a few hundred dollars, anyone in the world can trade.

Banking is done with PWC, Bank of Cyprus, and Bank of Valletta (BOV).

Along with foreign currency Forex trading, offers access to exchanges in Silver, Gold, Oil, and Indices.

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Everything about is easy. Accounts can be funded a number of ways. Funding options include Neteller, Skrill, Maestro, Visa, Mastercard, Fast Bank Transfer, and Wire Transfer. Except for bank transfers, all funds are available immediately after the transaction.

Withdraws get processed without charge within 24 hours of a request. Some of the payment services like Neteller have fees of their own. Traders should consult fee schedules of these services when choosing a funding transaction provider.

24/7 support comes with every account and includes chat access with a service rep. Clients can find a rep in just a few clicks. Reps are also located in the same region as the trader.

The minimum funding requirement is only $300. Combined with low spreads, has reduced trading risk to an ultra-low level. They also offer a course to those just starting out trading Forex.

To lower risk further, offers a compensation scheme to their individual traders. If the service fails and goes under for any reason, individual clients can receive up to 90% of their funds. This scheme does not include institutional investors. Affiliate Program has a top-notch affiliate program. The registration is quick and easy, with the ability to design campaigns and get full reporting. is a cutting-edge web and app-based service that offers the latest technology and access to the best partners through all their platforms. They have gone out of their way to make trading easy with minimized risk. Though risk can never totally be eliminated, wants their clients to be successful. That’s why is the best choice for investors large and small who want to trade the biggest market in the world, Forex.