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When you cloud mine with, you essentially purchase a stock in part of their mining facility, and gradually over time reap Bitcoin into your account. Some of the features they boast include no fees (transparent transactions), instant withdrawal from the account, and detailed real time statistics.

Questionable! Use caution.

UPDATE: We have received reports from users that is a scam and has withheld payment to its customers. Until we can fully verify the status of this platform, we recommend users to exercise caution and do their own research before visiting this website.

If you’re looking for an online mining company with integrity and transparency, you’ve found the top dog in the industry. has been around for four years and counting. It is still rock-solid and considered a top choice for mining Bitcoin, Dash, Zcash and Ethereum. Opinions might vary concerning cloud mining websites, but interested investors should know that Hashflare has overcome every problem with cryptocurrency mining that its come up against.

Is Safe?

Seekers of reputable cryptocurrency mining companies should know that Hashflare is a division of Sergei Potapenko’s HashCoins, at Tartu maantee 43, Tallinn 10128 Estonia. Their phone number is +44 131 564 0074. They may be reached online at

Transparency provides addresses and phone numbers, assuring potential investors the answer to the questions “is a scam?” as well as “is legit?”. Hashflare makes every aspect of its operations transparent to anyone joining in. Hashflare has been a reputable company for the four years of its existence. It provides real-time mining information to its users on their dashboards, as well as allowing its users to use the pools of their choice for maximum customization and profitability.

Hashflare’s security is top-notch, using COMODO SSL certificate protection. Users are urged to use two-factor authentication in order to protect their funds and private information, which is a standard security feature across the cryptocurrency space.

How Works

In this review, we’d like you understand the difference between cloud mining and hosted mining. With hosted mining, the investor buys their mining machinery for one year. Cloud mining allows the investor to enjoy their mining machinery for up to a year past the expiration date, so to speak. Hashflare, alternatively, has no expiration date. The investor may continue mining into eternity if they so wish!

Potential investors and the curious performing due diligence will notice the company website offers all the information necessary to research the subject. Beginning with features offered, the information then segues into the current price of each cryptocurrency.

Real-time monitoring comes next, followed by real user testimonials. The navigation offers the researcher definitions of standard mining terms, blogs and additional information about the company. Of prime interest to most researchers is the pricing and the overall affordability that Hashflare offers. Each cryptocurrency belongs to a package mined in a certain amount for a specified charge:

  • The Scrypt Algorithm or the Scrypt Cloud Mining package at a minimum hashrate of 1MH/s costs $7.50 per MH/s, with a $0.005 per MH/s daily maintenance fee. One year contract.
  • The SHA-256 Algorithm or the SHA-256 Cloud Mining package at a minimum hashrate of 10GH/s costs $1.50 per 10 GH/s with a $0.0035 per 10 GH/s daily maintenance fee. One year contract.
  • The ETHASH Algorithm or the Ethereum Cloud Mining package at a minimum hashrate of 100 KH/s costs $2.20 per 100 KH/s with no maintenance fee. One year contract.
  • The EQUIHASH Algorithm or the Zcash Cloud Mining package at a minimum hashrate of 1H/s costs $2 per 1H/s with no maintenance fee. One year contract.
  • The X11 Algorithm or the DASH Cloud Mining package at a minimum hashrate of 1MH/s costs $3.20 per 1MH/s with no maintenance fee. One year contract. Benefits

Among the many benefits of Hashflare, the company publishes photos of their mining activities and equipment and their Twitter feed often includes these pictures as well. They even offer pictures of some of their happy members, which is another way to show potential customers that Hashflare is a reputable company – and over 300,000 members contest to that fact. They will also reply positively to the question does work?

The hardware used to mine each cryptocurrency is also an advantage. Bitcoin has two types of equipment capable of mining it, while each of the other currencies has one type of equipment to mine it. This gives investors a choice when they decide which pools they’re going to mine. Investors are not limited to one particular pool.

Hashflare mining is quite profitable for its investors, with their earnings being almost 100 percent secured. Various discount and bonus codes give newbie investors a chance to see a decent return on their investment or ROI. One of benefits is that massive amounts of money are not necessary to mine cryptocurrency. With as little as one or two dollars to begin operations, investors may then reinvest their earnings, increasing their investment. Cashouts are allowed daily for a fee, of course.

Additionally, the affiliate program offers investors another method of making money. Investors invite their friends and business associates to join, thereby making a ten percent bonus.

Does Work?

No review would be complete without answering the researcher’s question: does work? In answer, if the extensive FAQ section fails to answer your needs, then the support department will. The company wants its investors to succeed. Therefore, every potential question has most likely already been answered by the company.

Investors may use their credit cards to both pay for their mining package as well as receiving their payments. Add to this the fact that investors may change their wallet address at any time and you have a platform that’s incredibly easy to use. A two-week waiting period will be necessary in order for the company to assure itself that the investor is actually whom s/he claims to be. The investor will not lose out on money due to held up mining operations during the waiting period. Does work? Yes!