Australians Can Now Pay Bills Using Digital Currency

Cryptocurrency has come a long way in the last few years. With wider acceptance as a medium of transaction, the taboo of an online currency being unreliable is slowly being lifted.

However, major telecommunication companies and utility providers are yet to warm up to the idea of digital currency replacing regular currency. They are hesitant to take the step forward. If you are someone who is frustrated about that, then you have a reason to celebrate now.

Two local startups in Australia have begun the process of revolutionizing the way people in the country pay their bills. Cryptocurrency owners will be able to clear their bills using digital currency due to this initiative. While it is limited to Australia for the time being, there is every reason to hope that other countries will also follow this example soon.

Opening the Door to Crypto Payments

Automated billing platform, Gobbill partnered up with Cointree, a cryptocurrency exchange in order to make this possible. Australians will be able to pay their bills in with cryptocurrency even if the business providers do not accept any form of digital currency. That is because Gobbill acts as the middleman and makes sure that the bills are paid according to the guidelines of respective companies. If a company does not accept cryptocurrency, it takes the funds from users digitally but then converts into traditional money before paying the bill to the company.

The co-founder of Gobbill, Shendon Ewans, candidly accepts that it took him some time to get into the cryptocurrency game. However, he has now become a believer, and his collaboration with Cointree certainly solidifies him in the market.

Gobbill has not been around for long, but they are moving forward in the business through innovate partnerships. On the other hand, Cointree was founded in 2013 with the objective to make bitcoin transactions easier. It keeps 40 different kinds of cryptocurrency which makes it popular with everyone, instead of just one particular coin.